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| 03-08-2017   16:32:27 WIB

TEMA : "Science and Technology Innovation Toward Sustanable Global Competitiveness"

Scope of Fields:

1. Health

    a. Public Health,

    b. Reproductive Health,

2. Hospitals,

    a. Information System and Management of Hospital,

    b. Operational Management of Hospital,

    c. Administration Management of Hospital,

3. Pharmaceuticals,

    a. Pharmacology,

    b. Pharmacognosy,

4. Law,

    a. Criminal Law,

    b. Civil Law

    c. Environmental Law,

5. Economics,

    a. Accounting,

    b. Management,

6. Psychology,

    a. Industrial Psychology,

    b. Clinical Psychology,

7. Technology,

   a. Information Technology,

   b. Information Systems Engineering,

   c. Civil and Architectural Engineering,

   d. Environmental Engineering,

   e. Naval and Oceanology Engineering,

   f. Industrial Technology,

  g. Agricultural Technology,

  h. Nano Technology,

  i. Medical Technology